The Pilot Show

Silentrooms Live launch their product

This is where it starts.

On September 20th, Silentrooms Live rolled out its product with their first ever filmed Live episode. Host to 3 great acts, Southampton singer songwriter Seán McGowan, international rock stars Band of Skulls and finally the London & Irish female rock duo Rews.

Unfortunately, the evening was plagued with a catalogue of issues. But the worst issue for us, despite preparation and testing, the internet crashed and our signal to broadcast live was lost, the amazing student crew pulled things together and set to record instead.

Although everything didn’t go to plan, due to the unfortunate technical issues, everyone involved performed beautifully and a show was created. 

A lot has been learned from this first show and Silentrooms have been working hard to perfect the product. Check out what we have been up to since then.


Pilot Show Images