About Us

We Are Silent Rooms

Independent non-mainstream, live web show, with live music, interviewing bands, celebrities & professionals on music topics and experiences and music news.

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Our Story

Founder and presenter Aron Fisk has been a practicing singer and guitarist since he was 15. Knowing his career belonged somewhere within music he set out to find his place in the industry and began by building his own Pro Tools industry standard studio in 2005, naming it ‘Silentrooms ‘. 

He wouldn’t have been able to do it, had it not been for the help and support given by his musical mentors and friends. Including his good friend Roger Pope (Drummer for Elton John) who introduced Aron to some of his contacts like Martin Ford (worked with likes of Led Zeppelin, Phil Collins) and various other artists. This being the springboard and motivation he needed to set up Silentrooms Records. After taking on several artists, he quickly realised how the record industry was run, with corporate companies owning most of the radio stations & press. They made it very difficult for independent labels to help talented musicians make a career.

Continually getting his hands burnt by the industry, Aron exhausted all his resources and after spending a considerable amount of money striving to help several talented artists including the wonderful Marley Blandford. The final blow came when he received a disappointing email from a well-known BBC radio DJ and friend, who shed a lot of light on how the radio industry now works. 

Deciding to cut his losses and change strategy he came up with a new business model that is completely independent and non-reliant on the mainstream corporate owned industry, with an idea to help anyone who has suffered the same fate, providing a platform for artists to share their music with the world, thus Silentrooms Live was born.

What We Do

We are providing an independent, non-mainstream, multi genre, full hour, live, music TV show. With live music, interviews with bands, celebrities & professionals on music topics, music news and competitions!… well if you are watching from the screen.

If you’re a ticket holder, you’ll get much more than an hour.
As a part of shows audience, there will be a warm up act, you’ll be there in the party, the random things we get up to and the games. Plus, the after-show gig when the cameras turn off.

Think of it as TFI Friday meets Top Gear….